Saturday, 10 October 2015

A dish from Belgrade

Some day ago lovely people from Cut Out + Keep asked me to prepare a dish from Serbia. I decided to go with "Turkey with mlinci". Learn how here.

The best way to really get to know ‘mlinci” is to taste it. If Serbia is too far, please yourself and get into adventure which you won’t regret. Delicious, juicy and unusual dish, that’s what you’ll got.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

#ColorKeeper pillow

I love to crochet pillow covers, I really do. However, there's something slightly disheartening about crocheting a pillow back once you've already completed the front.
Anyway, the pattern testing is almost done. I can’t wait to show you the magic that my lovely crochet companions managed to work out! Meanwhile, here it is - my #ColorKeeper pillow. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My time

By activating your finger tips you stimulate brain activities.

Invest in your peace of mind #crochetyarnyoga.

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Colorful, vivid garland

Uplift yours spirit and the spirit of loved ones. Fanny one hour project!

This is what you need: scraps of yarn, crochet hook, scissors and needle. I am quite certain that you have a lot of scraps lying around. Am I right? Use them to make a nice wrap for a present, to tie the curtain, decorate fireplace, brightened your home…..
I used cotton yarn and a 3mm hook.

So let’s get going. Tutorial is written in US terms.
Chain 4, slip stitch to make a ring and chain 1. Make 6 single crochets in the circle. Join with a slip stitch. Like in picture 1.
Ch 4 (picture 2), work tr2tog (Treble Crochet two stitches together). Don’t panic! It’s easy. Yarn over the hook TWICE.  Pull trough two loops. Yarn over the hook again, pull over two loops. Don’t finish the stitch. Start another incomplete treble crochet (picture 3).

When you have three loops left, pull the yarn trough them (picture 5). Chain 4 and slip stitch in the same stitch. One petal done.  Slip stitch to the next single crochet. Repeat 5 times. Sl st to the base of the first petal.You’ve finished your flower!! Isn’t it lovely?

Now finish off the loose ends. Make as much flowers as you like to make a garland. For this mini garland, I use 10.

It is time to make the garland. Ch 20, use the back loop of the middle tr2tog’s  from one of the petals and join the flower with a sc, *ch 20, join in the next flower*. Repeat * to *, then ch 20, cut your yarn and pull it through.

Enjoy! Share yours!

Friday, 2 October 2015

#ShareInspiration #Mandalas

Here are some October projects for you. Inspiring mandalas:

Red Agape

Amazing Mandy shares her passion for living a happy and creative life with you. Great pattern!  

Anabelia has a different perspective. Fantastic color mix. I love it!

And here is a mandala from lovely blog Vinksallaan. I love it! Pattern for this one find on my blog post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pattern testers needed!

#ColorKeeper granny square pattern is almost ready. I’ve now got the draft crochet pattern finished and I’d love you to test the pattern for me. It’s nice to have a second set of eyes to look over my work.

Making the #ColorKeeper square is neither hard nor time consuming, requires a small amount of cotton yarn and 3mm crochet hook. 

I’m looking for a wide range of skill levels, so please feel free to submit, no matter what your skill level is.
Please have in mind that you should be comfortable with reading patterns, isn’t afraid to point out mistakes to me, you can take great photos of finished work. I mean not super professional or anything, just nice photos.

Of course you can keep pattern to yourself and has no problems with confidentiality. You are getting the pattern for free; please be respectful.
If you’d like to test the pattern please apply by leaving a comment below or send an email to with the following info:
– your name and way to contact you (preferably e-mail)
– your skill level
– examples of your work, or a link where I can see it.

In return for your feedback (I’d love to hear the good and the bad) on the pattern I’ll send you the finished pattern and any updates.
Would you like to help me out? I’d love to hear from you.
With love,
Update: Thank to all - I have my crochet companions. It was fast!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What happens with your brain when crocheting?

Crochet has the ability to soothe your body and ease your mind. It is similar to meditation and mindfulness.
As far as I am concern, crocheting absorbs me completely, noting else seems to matter. Following the pattern, stitching, counting, matching colors… When I am involved in “creativity” I feel that I’m living more fully. Did you try it? Did you sense it too?

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Monday, 28 September 2015

How to finish what you started?

Getting to the point where you’re ‘almost done’ can be both thrilling and cause of anxiety. Yes, I’m nearly there, so close to being done and simply can’t get motivated. How I overcome that feeling?

   The end vision is slipping so I just need to bring it back in sight, visualize it!
   Tracking the progress helps me understand how I’m doing.
   Promise to all my blog readers that I’m going to finish it till certain time!

    How do you motivate yourself to finish a project that’s almost done? 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Favorite autumn projects #ShareInspiration

Some of beautiful autumn projects, for me and you. This list has left me feeling super inspired and excited! So get some refreshments, and make something fun!

1. LutterIdly 


Friday, 25 September 2015

#Color #Keeper

This is such a fun to work on. This pattern just evolved and grew with every stitch until made me happy. The colors just cheered me up adding freshness. So much happiness in this one!!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

After many frustrating attempts I was finally starting to get my head around creating my own crochet charts in Photoshop. So far I'm really excited about the results and feel like I'm starting to get to grips with the whole process. I love learning new things! Any suggestions?  My main concern is how to make a chart for this lovely baby I’ ve designed lately. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Crochet together…

Why not we crochet together? I’ll help, you jump along but let me warn you, crocheting is highly addictive!

For this granny square which I like to call NO PLACE LIKE HOME, I used 100% cotton yarn and 3 mm crochet hook.
The tutorial is written in US terms.
Used stitches:
Single crochet - sc
Double crochet - dc
Slip stitch - sl st
Popcorn stitch

So, grab your hook and some yarn and go for it!
Chain 6 and slip stitch into the first chain to make a ring. Ch 1. Work 8 sc. Sl st into the ch 1 (picture 1).

Sl st to the first sc. Work one popcorn. To make the popcorn stitch: work 5 double crochet (dc) stitches in the same stitch. First chain 3 (picture 2). 

Then work another 4 dc (total 5dc – picture 3). Drop the loop from your hook. Insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first double crochet of the group (picture 4). 

Grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch (picture 5). Ch2, repeat to the end, total 8 popcorns + 8 ch2 spaces.

Sl st to the top of the first popcorn (this is where you slip stitch goes – picture 8).

At this very stitch work one popcorn (picture 7), ch1. In chain two space of the previous round crochet another popcorn. Repeat to the end, total 16 popcorns. (pictures 9 and 10) Fasten off.

Add another color in any ch 1 space from previous round. Work 3dc (picture 11), repeat 2 more times (picture 12). 

To make corner space work 3dc+3ch+3dc . Repeat to the end.

One possibility is to work only first 8 pop corn stitches in one color and the rest of the square in same color. Like this.

I hope I helped. Should you have any difficulties let me know. Just leave the comment. 

Make something, surprise me and the most beautiful project I will reward with one free tutorial from my Etsy shop.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Nice is Nice – Basic Collection - PDF pattern

Sometimes the most confusing part of instructions is knowing where to put your hook for each stitch. That is why I included over 40 photos in this tutorial. Don’t miss the chance to get near-instant gratification by expressing your creativity. Make beautiful items with this THREE DIMENSIONAL flower square. Pattern is available at my Etsy store.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pillow or blanket....

What would you make?
Follow this step by step PATTERN and learn how to make this granny square!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pop Up Basic Square – BASIC PDF pattern

I am working hard on finishing pattern for baby blanket made out of POP UP Basic Square motive. Meanwhile, if you lack patience, use this one to make some!

Detailed tutorial on how to make double crochet together and popcorn stitch
Detailed tutorial on how to start and finish each round
 Over 30 photos
Written pattern